The 5 Best Telegram Client Apps for Windows PC (2024)

Telegram is well known for its privacy features, bots, and community building. However, its user interface leaves a lot to be desired. Luckily, there are plenty of Telegram desktop client apps you can use instead.

In this article, we list the best Telegram desktop clients for Windows, macOS, and Linux; all of which are solid Telegram alternatives.

1. Kotatogram

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Kotatogram is a relatively new third-party Telegram desktop client. Despite that, it's available across Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The cross-platform option is handy when so many Telegram desktop client alternatives focus on a single platform. Telegram's cross-platform compatibility is just one of the reasons why Telegram is the only messaging app you need.

Like most Telegram alternatives for PC, Kotatogram adds extra sugar to the feature-rich nature of the official app. One of the unique features is dubbed local folders, described as "folders for chats without sync, but with additional features."

The said additional features include an extended limit on chat folder names, more icons, and filters, among others. Other unique features include the ability to forward messages to multiple people at once, clickable links in bio, GIF section in shared media, to name a few.

Kotatogram is open source and available on GitHub, meaning you can check out the code to make sure it is secure.

Download: Kotatogram for Windows | macOS | Linux

2. Unigram

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Next up is the Windows 10-only Telegram desktop client alternative, Unigram. This is by far the best Telegram app for PC.

Unigram introduces a few quality-of-life options that make it easier for Telegram users. For instance, you can use the F1 to F5 keys to display different chat groups. Selecting F1 switches to All Chats, F2 switches to User Chats, F3 to Bots, and so on. F6 shows your unread chats.

Unigram also offers multi-account support. It integrates nicely with Windows 10, including the Windows 10 People desktop integration. Windows 10 People allows you to add a personal contact to your taskbar and chat with them from there, rather than opening the full application.

The chat switching options are handy, and the Windows 10 integrations are useful. What makes Unigram stand out is its continuous development. With each version, a host of new features are added to the app.

Unigram also includes additional features that you won't find on the native Telegram desktop client like interactive emojis, read receipts in groups and live stream recordings, device management, and so on.

Download: Unigram for Windows 10 (Free)

3. Ferdi

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Ferdi is a different take on Telegram desktop client alternatives. Instead of a single Telegram replacement, Ferdi is a messaging browser application. You can concentrate all of your messaging applications in a single messaging browser instead of having numerous taskbar and system tray icons.

One of Ferdi's best features is separated workspaces. You can use the workspaces feature to group together personal, business, and other workspaces across multiple messengers.

For instance, if you have a bunch of cryptocurrency-focused Telegram and Slack channels, bunch them up into a specific workspace. Family and friend chats? Do the same. It is easy to add additional messenger services, too, including Facebook Messenger, Slack, WhatsApp, Gmail, and more.

That said, for all of Ferdi's additional messenger functionality, it doesn't necessarily extend the functionality of the Telegram desktop client. That isn't a slight on Ferdi, just a fact.

Ferdi is open source and available on GitHub as a hard fork of the now-defunct Franz messaging browser. It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, but there are no mobile apps. It's handy bringing all of your communications into one app, so here are some more multi-messenger apps for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Download: Ferdi for Windows | macOS | Linux

4. Webogram

Webogram isn't strictly a Telegram desktop client alternative. It is the regular Telegram client accessed through your browser.

The app itself doesn't offer any extension on the base Telegram client options. It is, however, a handy extra option for accessing Telegram on the go. Using Webogram allows you a standard Telegram experience no matter the host operating system.

5. Telefuel

Your final third-party Telegram client for consideration is Telefuel. Telefuel is a refined Telegram desktop client alternative whose major selling point is geared towards productivity, power users, and teams. Unlike the folders that you curate on the native Telegram desktop app, Telefuel filters your chats based on type by default.

Thanks to the Chat Type filter feature, your account will have four different tabs: DMs, Groups, Bots, and Channels; all of which can be easily accessed within Telefuel.

The most business-facing feature is Workspaces, which are like folders that allow you to take control of organizing your chats. You can achieve a Slack-like experience right inside Telegram using Telefuel's Workspaces feature.

Additionally, Telefuel has a dedicated Unread Messages & Unread Mentions filter. It helps you easily jump to any unread messages and unread mentions without juggling through tens if not hundreds of chats. Such is important especially if you use Telegram in your organization.

Besides the three, Telefuel packs other features targeted at power users, including keyboard shortcuts, notes, chat reminders, and the ability to send mass messages. However, the latter is not free. It's included under Telefuel Pro, which will set you back by $5.

Download: Telefuel for Windows | macOS | Linux

Why Use a Third-Party Telegram Client App?

One of the biggest reasons to use a third-party Telegram client is to add additional functionality missing from Telegram. Some third-party Telegram apps expand the base options to turn Telegram into a more rounded chat client.

Multi-messenger applications such as Ferdi provide an extra option for Telegram users. Combining multiple chat applications into a single app isn't new (think Pidgin or Trillian), but both of these options come with a range of extra tools.

It isn't all clear sailing, though. The official Telegram client is secure. Using a third-party Telegram client adds another potential security vulnerability, as you are relying on the third-party client developer to maintain security and privacy features. If they fail, your privacy could disappear with it.

Is Telegram your go-to chat app? Then you should know all about these awesome Telegram features you should be using.

The 5 Best Telegram Client Apps for Windows PC (2024)


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