Ocean Breeze Luluca Build (2024)

1. Ocean Breeze Luluca Character Review - Epic7x

  • Ocean Breeze Luluca is a Earth Soul Weaver with the Horoscope Gemini ... Relatively easy to build with just health and speed (effect resistance is a bonus).

  • Ocean Breeze Luluca is a character that has the attribute.

2. [July 6th Patch] Ocean Breeze Luluca and Lethe (Coming Soon!) - Epic7x

3. Epic Seven Ocean Breeze Luluca Build 2024 - Zathong

  • Best team with Ocean Breeze Luluca are: Zio, Rimuru, Silver Blade Aramintha. Ocean Breeze Luluca.

  • Best Ocean Breeze Luluca build guides for Epic Seven 2024. I works hard to keep my’s Epic Seven builds and guides updated

4. Epic Seven – New Hero Ocean Breeze Luluca, 3 Exclusive ...

  • 13 jul 2023 · Epic Seven – New Hero Ocean Breeze Luluca, 3 Exclusive Equipment, Summer Epic Pass, and A Midsummer Paradise Side Story. Posted by: BlueStacks ...

  • Celebrate Summer in style with the new Limited hero Ocean Breeze Luluca in Epic Seven. Get her entire skill set descriptions here.

5. Rangers — Dad E7 - Whale Responsibly

  • Astromancer Elena: Faster build specifically to counter Ocean Breeze Luluca with Abyssal Yufine defences. Unseen Observer is required to help with the push ...

6. Epic Seven A Midsummer Paradise Special Side Story Event Guide

  • 16 jul 2023 · ... Ocean Breeze Luluca. ... build up your characters further in preparation for the side story contents.

  • This article aim to guide players on the special limited time Summer Event in Epic Seven - A Midsummer Paradise Side Story and advises players on whether or not they should roll for the brand new limited Hero - Ocean Breeze Luluca

7. Fribbels E7 Hero Library

  • Build score (bs) is an experimental measure for stat efficiency that ... Ocean Breeze Luluca, Operator Sigret, Orte, Otillie, Pavel, Peacemaker Furious ...

  • This app shows top builds globally per hero. Values of atk/hp/def are randomly modified by up to 2% for anonymity. Definitions of each column can be found on the optimizer github page.

8. Fribbels Epic 7 Guild War Meta Tracker

  • Ocean Breeze Luluca, Operator Sigret, Orte, Otillie, Pavel, Peacemaker Furious ... Building a defense. Search for units to find common defenses using those ...

  • This app tracks attacks from top 50 ranked guild war matchups.

Ocean Breeze Luluca Build (2024)


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