D-Rings | Global O-Ring and Seal (2024)

D-Rings | Global O-Ring and Seal (1)D-Rings are essential components known for their strength, versatility, and reliability in various industries. These rings, shaped like the letter “D”, feature a flat inside and a rounded outside that create a secure attachment point. The distinctive shape of d-rings confers numerous benefits in terms of strength and functionality, establishing them as a favored option in diverse industrial sectors. D-Rings have gained widespread recognition across industries as essential components, prized for their robustness, adaptability, and secure attachment capabilities, finding utility in a wide array of applications.

Properties of D-Rings

D-Rings possess the following properties

  • Strength:D-Rings are engineered to withstand significant loads and forces, ensuring reliable fastening in demanding applications.
  • Durability: Made from high-quality Nitrile material, our d-rings provide exceptional resistance to wear, tear, abrasion, and harsh environmental conditions. They exhibit excellent resistance to oils, fuels, hydraulic fluids, and other chemicals commonly encountered in industrial settings.
  • Dynamic and Rotary Application: D-Rings are an excellent option for dynamic or rotary applications where o-rings may not be as effective. Their flat base offers improved stability and resistance to twisting, rolling, and spiral failure.
  • Resistance to Wear and Stress: D-Rings provide phenomenal resistance to wear and stress, ensuring their longevity and reliability in demanding environments.
  • High Compressibility: Because d-rings are highly compressible, they maintain a tight seal even in variable or fluctuating pressure applications.

Common Uses of D-Rings

D-Rings find extensive application in numerous industries and sections. In the automotive and transportation field, they are utilized in cargo tie-down systems, truck bed liners, and vehicle interiors to secure loads and ensure safe transportation. Additionally, d-rings are commonly employed in automotive engines, hydraulic systems, and pumps, providing excellent sealing in environments where resistance to oil, fuel, and other fluids is critical.

Within industrial manufacturing, d-rings are commonly found in machinery and equipment, offering secure attachment points for belts, chains, lifting straps, and other fastening components, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

In the aerospace and aviation sectors, d-rings serve to secure and attach components, harnesses, and safety equipment in aircraft interiors, seat belts, and cargo compartments. In military and defense applications, d-rings play a role in securing gear, harnesses, and straps, frequently found in tactical vests, backpacks, parachutes, and other military equipment.

Furthermore, the medical and healthcare industry utilizes d-rings in various applications, such as patient restraints, medical equipment, braces, and orthopedic devices, providing adjustable and secure fastening solutions.

Advantages of D-Rings over O-Rings

When compared to o-rings, d-rings offer the following advantages:

  1. Versatility: D-Rings provide a wider range of applications due to their shape, which allows for easy attachment and adjustment of straps, hooks, and other accessories.
  2. Ease of Use: D-Rings are user-friendly and quick to fasten or release, making them ideal for applications where frequent adjustments or removals are required.
  3. Enhanced Strength: The “D” shape of the ring provides increased strength and load-bearing capacity, making d-rings suitable for heavier loads and demanding environments.
  4. More Secure Fastening: D-Rings offer a more secure attachment point due to their flat side, minimizing the risk of slippage or unintentional release.
  5. Longer Operating Life: D-Rings have a longer operating life compared to other sealing options, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.
  6. Easy Installation: D-Rings are designed for easy installation with a lower probability of damage during the installation process.
  7. Cost-Effective Solution: D-Rings offer a cost-effective sealing solution for many applications, providing value without compromising performance.

D-Rings and O-Ring Grooves

One advantage of d-rings in their compatibility with existing o-ring grooves. In many cases, d-rings can fit into the same grooves used for o-rings, offering a seamless transition to this versatile fastening solution. This compatibility allows for easy replacement or upgrade from o-rings to d-rings without the need for extensive modifications of changes to equipment. The table below outlines the various sizes of d-rings as well as the corresponding AS568 size.

D Ring
d1 (in)
D1 (in)
L1 (in)
F (in)
Flange Size - in
d1 (mm)
D1 (mm)
L1 (mm)
F (mm)
1P-3700 0.744 1 0.195 0.134 0.5 19 25.4 5 3.4 210
1P-3702 0.994 1.25 0.195 0.134 0.75 25.4 31.75 5 3.4 214
1P-3703 1.244 1.5 0.195 0.134 1 31.9 38.1 5 3.4 218
1P-3704 1.494 1.75 0.195 0.134 1.25 38.2 44.45 5 3.4 222
1P-3705 1.747 2 0.195 0.134 1.5 44.7 50.8 5 3.4 224
1P-3706 1.997 2.25 0.195 0.134 1.75 51.1 57.15 5 3.4 226
1P-3707 2.134 2.4 0.195 0.134 1.875 54.2 60.96 5 3.4 227
1P-3708 2.247 2.5 0.195 0.134 2 57.4 63.5 5 3.4 228
1P-3709 2.497 2.75 0.195 0.134 2.25 63.9 69.85 5 3.4 230
D-Rings | Global O-Ring and Seal (2024)


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