Düsseldorf Flughafen Lost And Found (2024)

1. Lost & Found - DUS

  • The lost and found office at Düsseldorf Airport keeps items found on the premises or in the terminals. ... From abroad subject to charges: +49 116 116. Lost and ...

  • Lost & Found

2. Where is my baggage? - Düsseldorf - DUS

  • Your luggage is missing on arrival at Düsseldorf Airport? You will find the Lost & Found counter of your airline (or handling agent) in the baggage claim area.

  • What to do if your suitcase is missing or damaged...

3. Dusseldorf Airport Services

  • Lost & found. For any item lost within the airport premises, please call at +49 (0) 211 4212515. Location: Parking Lot P3, level ...

  • Services and facilities at Dusseldorf Airport (DUS)

4. Lost and Found Airport Düsseldorf (DUS) | Report a lost item

  • Lost and Found Airport Düsseldorf (DUS) · Contact informations following the loss of an item · List of the main items found · Other related lost property services.

  • If you have lost one or several item(s), you will find information on how to contact a lost and found property service on this page.  

5. Duesseldorf International Airport Contact Details - Dusseldorf DUS ...

  • Airport Address: PO Box 30 03 63, D-40403 Düsseldorf, Germany ; General Enquiries: (0211) 4210 ; Lost & Found: (0211) 421 2515 ; Left Luggage Facilities: (0211) ...

  • World Airport Guides - Duesseldorf International Airport contact details and airport information, Dusseldorf DUS car parking, airport hotels, car rental, flights, terminal maps, Dusseldorf weather and more

6. Dusseldorf International Airport Security

  • Passengers that have lost or misplaced items on the airport grounds, should contact the Lost& Found at Dusseldorf Airport . Missing baggage should first be ...

  • World Airport Guides - Duesseldorf International Airport airport security information - Dusseldorf DUS airport car parking, airport hotels, car rental, flights, terminal maps, Dusseldorf weather and more

7. Dusseldorf Airport | Dusseldorf International Airport (DUS)

  • Report to the Lost and Found Office for lost or damaged luggage at +49 211-4212-515. When leaving a message, include your name, email, contact phone number, and ...

  • A complete guide to Dusseldorf International Airport - See details about flight arrivals and departures, car rental at the airport, transfer options to and from the airport and more...

8. Düsseldorf Airport lost and found

  • Düsseldorf is the third largest airport in Germany after Frankfurt Airport and Munich Airport . It handled 24.5 million passengers in 2017. It is a hub for ...

  • Düsseldorf Airport (German: Flughafen Düsseldorf, pronounced [ˌfluːkhaːfn̩ ˈdʏsl̩dɔʁf]; until March 2013 Düsseldorf International Airport; IATA: DUS, ICAO: EDDL) is the international airport of Düsseldorf, the capital of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. It is about 7 kilometres (4 mi) north of downtown Düsseldorf, and some 20 kilometres (12 mi) south-west of Essen in the… Continue reading Düsseldorf Airport lost and found

9. Lost and Found - Swissport International AG

  • The contact details can be found in our network map under "Passenger Services" of the airport, if available. ... Dusseldorf (DUS), East London (ELS), East ...

  • Lost & Found

10. Düsseldorf (DUS) - Aviapartner

  • Düsseldorf Airport Postfach 35 02 42. D-40444 Düsseldorf Germany SITA ... Lost & Found teamdusll@aviapartner.aero. SITA : DUSALXH. Ramp Handling teamdus ...

11. [PDF] British Airways Global Lost Property Contacts: August 2023

  • DUSSELDORF. DUS. In Gate area or in the main terminal (restaurant, shop, etc) ... Airport lost & found - Tel: 55 11 2445 3786. In premium lounge (LATAM lounge).

12. Damaged or Delayed Baggage - SunExpress EN

  • If you notice the damage to your baggage right after your arrival: You need to report it immediately at the airport to the Lost and Found Office, which is ...

  • This page is only available in the current language.

13. Global GSRM – Global GSRM – Handling Agent in Germany. Are ...

  • Lost & Found. Guaranteeing the passenger a fast delivery of the missing ... Düsseldorf · Munich. Contact Information. Adress: Terminal 2, HBK 150/065 60549 ...

  • Unleash your potential with our intuitive service

14. Düsseldorf Airport | ACCIONA | Business as unusual

  • In April 2016, through its Airport Services activities, ACCIONA began to operate at Düsseldorf Airport, four months after being awarded one of the licences ...

  • In April 2016, through its Airport Services activities, ACCIONA began to operate at Düsseldorf Airport, four months after being awarded one of the licences granted by the airport.

15. Safe Luggage Storage & Lost Property - Glasgow Airport

  • Locate lost luggage and find secure storage options for anything you need to leave behind. Find out more here.

16. How to Contact Dusseldorf International Airport | Phone number

  • If you have lost or found any item at the airport, contact the customer at +49 (0) 211 4212515. The customer service hours for lost and found are from 05:00 am ...

  • Need to get in touch with Dusseldorf International Airport? This article outlines the various ways you can contact the airport, including phone numbers, email addresses, and social media channels. Whether you need information about your flight or have a general inquiry, this guide will help you connect with the airport quickly and easily.

17. Lost & Found – Items Left Behind on SAS Flights - Scandinavian Airlines

  • To retrieve what you lost, contact the lost and found office at the airport in question. Traffic information · Operating flights · Flight disruptions · Customer ...

  • Items accidently left behind on SAS flights is not handled by SAS. It will be delivered to the lost and found office at the arrival airport »

18. Baggage and lost property | Frequently Asked Questions | Help

  • Security Tamper‑Evident Bags (STEBS). LAGs in any volume, purchased at airport retail outlets (e.g. Dubai Duty Free) or on board the aircraft, will not be ...

  • First Class and Business Class passengers are permitted two pieces of carry-on baggage: one briefcase plus either one handbag or one garment bag, all subject to the following size and weight limitations:

19. Stations - AAS - Airline Assistance Switzerland

  • 8058 Zürich-Airport zrh@aas.aero. VIE. Sales sales@aas.aero. Lost + Found +43 720 117 566 lostandfound_vie@aas.aero. Airline Assistance Switzerland AG Flughafen ...

  • AAS – Airline Assistance Switzerland

20. Lost and Found Baggage | Traveler Info - Middle East Airlines

  • If you have already filed a claim with us for delayed or damaged bag, you can check the status of your bag by entering your 5-character file reference.

21. Düsseldorf Airport - latest news, breaking stories and comment

  • Climate activists glue themselves to runway at German airport · American man reunited with lost luggage after 96-hour round trip · €280,000 painting found in bin ...

  • The latest breaking news, comment and features from The Independent.

22. Damaged, delayed and lost baggage - Air Malta

  • Nonetheless we will inform the departure airport about the matter. Timelines of recovering lost baggage: As soon as you fill in the Property Irregularity ...

  • Find out what to do if any of your checked baggage is missing or damaged on arrival at your destination, here.

23. Düsseldorf Airport (DUS) Car & Van Hire | Enterprise Rent-A-Car

  • Alamo/Enterprise/National is located to the far left hand-side of the other Car rental desks. Rental Policies ...

  • Car & Van Hire in Düsseldorf Airport (DUS) from Enterprise. Every vehicle sanitised between rentals & kerbside delivery. Drive with confidence with our Complete Clean Pledge.

Düsseldorf Flughafen Lost And Found (2024)
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